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The 1957 & 1958 Football Seasons

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The 1957 Cass Township, PA High School football team ("Condors") record was 10-0; normally great enough and undefeated... but the Cass Condors were “undefeated, untied, and un-scored upon “.  They went an entire season denying all opponents access to their end zone.  Cass scored 223 points over the season, and did not allow a single point! Not a one. They even won the playoff game at Pottsville High Memorial Stadium against Shamokin, PA, by the slightest of margins: a score 2-0.  

The 1958 Cass Township football team is sometimes overlooked in Schuylkill County and Pennsylvania sports history.  Their record was 7-1, but during the season, they continued the '57 record of being 'un-scored upon'.  The '58 Condors went 5 games into the season for a combined 15 straight games, or 720 minutes (’57 into ’58)...that is 12 hours of football game time, without an opponent crossing their goal lines.  But for one player from Mahanoy Township scoring in the sixth game of the season on Oct 23, 1958, they would have also been called ..."perfect".  (229 points in an 8 game season)

 Two seasons scoring 452 points to their opponents 6. Unbelievable?  It really happened over 50 years ago. These were two of the greatest defensive football teams in the history of high school football.   

 Sadly, Cass High School no longer exists, but the record does, and so does the Cass spirit.  This is where we continue the research to tell the whole world about what happened those years in Cass Township, PA.  This is the story of

"1957...The Perfect Season"

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